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All NFL Pools Combined

2013 SeasonWLTPctUnits
ATS Picks0-1-00.00%-550
O/U Picks0-1-00.00%-550
All Picks0-2-00.00%-1100
2011 SeasonWLTPctUnits
ATS Picks165-155-1451.56%-9270
O/U Picks162-153-351.43%-790
All Picks327-308-1751.50%-10060
2009 SeasonWLTPctUnits
ATS Picks2-0-0100.00%+1000
All Picks2-0-0100.00%+1000
2008 SeasonWLTPctUnits
ATS Picks0-2-00.00%-220
O/U Picks0-1-00.00%-110
All Picks0-3-00.00%-330
2005 SeasonWLTPctUnits
ATS Picks2-4-033.33%-970
O/U Picks2-3-040.00%-520
All Picks4-7-036.36%-1490
2003 SeasonWLTPctUnits
ATS Picks86-79-452.12%+10
O/U Picks11-12-047.83%-130
All Picks97-91-451.60%-120
The records displayed are the combined office pools records for each sport.