Public Money

Covers Public Money data is a unique way to evaluate the money spent on individual teams throughout the season by the betting public. Although our numbers come from Covers free League Contests, with over 50,000 contest players participating this past year, these numbers provide an accurate comparison of where the ‘real’ betting public is laying their cash.


Team Season to Date
Green Bay $18,360,121.00
Pittsburgh $18,146,527.00
Oakland $16,505,224.00
New England $16,209,937.00
Atlanta $15,990,417.00
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Team Season to Date
Oklahoma City $20,007,767.00
Golden State $19,472,762.00
Houston $19,030,904.00
San Antonio $18,754,632.00
Portland $18,257,252.00
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Team Season to Date
Washington $27,115,356.00
Pittsburgh $26,055,319.00
New York $24,993,353.00
Chicago $24,908,044.00
San Jose $23,316,164.00
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Team Season to Date
UCLA $6,678,300.00
Kentucky $5,615,962.00
Arizona $5,386,732.00
Providence $5,364,219.00
Maryland $5,316,140.00
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Team Season to Date
Navy $7,962,102.00
Clemson $7,721,868.00
Stanford $7,699,228.00
Wisconsin $7,607,629.00
Utah $7,526,198.00
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