Covers Contests FAQ

What are the Covers Contests "House Rules"?

The Covers Contest lines are posted on the main scores and odds page, and you can make picks up until the time a game starts.   Covers Contests has several contests, and you should consult the specific rules for each contest for more information.  Some general things to note about our odds and contests:

  • You can pick one team and one total per game.   If the line moves, and you made an earlier pick on the game, you cannot pick the same team or total again. Once a pick is selected and submitted, it is final and cannot be changed.
  • You can vary the amount of your wager on the line or total between 100 and 500 units. Covers contest units are not real money, they are just a way to grade the handicapping performance of all contestants.
  • For football and basketball games (sides and totals), the standard odds are to risk 110 units to win 100 units.  
  • For MLB and NHL games, Covers Contests uses a the moneyline.  In other words, you pick the winner of the game using the odds posted. For instance, if you pick a team to win with -140 odds, you are risking 140 units to win 100.   If you pick a team to win with +140 odds, you are risking 100 units to win 140.
  • The odds on totals are the same as side wagers, risk 110 units to win 100.  Some NHL and MLB games also which have a "o" or "u" at the end of the number shown..   The "o" or "u" suffix means either the over or under is "favored" in the game . In those cases, you wager 130 to win 100 on the favored total, or 100 to win 110 on dog total.

How long does it take for my pending wagers to get added to my record?

Pending wagers are games awaiting an outcome, and can be displayed at any time along with the current score for the game. Covers Contests typically finalizes all pending wagers within a few minutes of game completion. Overall standings on the contest leaderboards are updated each night.

How can I register?

Anyone can register for free. Covers Contests awards cash and prizes to the highest ranking handicappers, so accurate and updated contact information is very important.

Do I have to register to use Covers Contests?

No. You can view the real-time scores and lines and posting forum without registering. However, you must register in order to participate. In other words, to get the maximum value from Covers Contests, you should register! The registration information will not be sold or given to any other company.

Who makes the picks in the Covers Consensus?

The Covers consensus picks are made by all registered users on the site who participate in the League Contests

Can I use multiple accounts and still be eligible for prizes?

No. If you are eligible to claim a prize but have more than one account competing in the same contest, you will not receive a prize.

What is RSI?

See full explanation here.

When do the leaderboards update?

All leaderboards are updated by 6:00am EST every morning. So member records will include all graded plays from the previous days games at that time.

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