Consensus FAQ

What is the Covers "All Players" Consensus?

The Covers "All Players" consensus shows the number of picks in the league cash contests made by all players.   If the percentage of picks exceeds 59%, the game is highlighted.

What is the Covers "Top 10%" Consensus?

The "Top 10%" consensus works the same way, but only picks from the top 10% of the players on the Leaderboard are included with the results.

What is the Covers "Team Experts" Consensus?

Each night Covers ranks the top contest players for all teams (season to date). The top 10 players for each team are considered "Team Experts".   The consensus shows the opinion of these "experts" when their team is playing.

What line is used when counting consensus picks?

Consensus picks are against all moving lines.  For instance, if the line moves from 3 to 4, the consensus page for all matchups will show the total number of picks for the visitor and home team at both line values.  The consensus page always displays the most recent line.

How often do the consensus numbers update?

The data on the various consensus pages are continuously updating throughout the day as picks are submitted by contest players.  Updates typically are made at about 5 minute intervals, but can be slower during peak traffic times on the site.

How do you calculate the "Top Cappers" for each sport?

The Top Cappers Leaderboard for each sport is the combined total units gained for the contest player throughout the full season (all contest results combined).

What is the value of your Public Money statistics?

Covers Public Money data is a unique way to evaluate the money spent on individual teams throughout the season by the betting public. Although our numbers come from Covers free League Contests, with over 50,000 contest players participating this past year, these numbers provide an accurate comparison of where the ‘real’ betting public is laying their cash.

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